ASC Outreach at EducationUSA Expo 2019

Our Japan region alumni schools committee (ASC) outreach team participated in the EducationUSA Expo 2019: U.S. College Fair and Seminars on Saturday, September 7, 2019 at the Ochanomizu Sola City Conference Center in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan.  The annual event was very well attended.

The Princeton Club of Japan outreach team lead by Co-ASC Chair Toshi Baily ’92 with Mayumi Negishi ’94 and Hidekazu Oki ’00 *03 helped interested Japan students better understand Princeton.  Student questions keep getting more sophisticated every year and reflect a better understanding of the challenges and benefits of studying abroad.  The questions fielded were really across the board with many students trying to decide whether they should study abroad or in Japan while others were interested in specific departments at Princeton.  The outreach team stressed that the uniqueness of a Princeton education comes from the close interaction students have with professors despite being at a research university where most of the professors are leaders in their field.  The mandatory Junior Papers and Senior Thesis makes Princeton unique as it gives each student two years to work closely one on one with professors and really challenge their ability to come up with original research.  In a world where more and more is being automated everyday it is more important than ever to have the ability to innovate and come up with your own ideas. Princeton fosters students to prepare for a world where innovation and creativity are becoming ever more important.