Toshi Baily Shares Value of Princeton Education at Koishikawa High School Event

Princeton Club of Japan co-Alumni Schools Committee Chair Walter Toshi Baily gave a talk about overseas U.S. universities last week at Koishikawa High School in Tokyo.  Koishikawa is a strong co-ed public school located in Bunkyo ward Tokyo and Toshi gave the keynote speech on the topic of "Learning How to Think for Yourself through Studying Abroad."  The audience was more than double the size expected with 120 students and parents coming on a Saturday morning.  Toshi talked for about 35 minutes on how Princeton deeply impacted him and taught him to come up with original ideas through its focus on independent research.  Toshi explained how he viewed original thinking as something that can be taught through repeated attempts at independent research and how Princeton's junior paper and senior thesis really changed him and ultimately motivated him to pursue graduate school in economics.  Toshi also participated on a panel discussion with the alumni representative for Columbia University and with two 2019 Koishikawa graduates who are headed to the U.S. for college.  The event lasted about 2 hours. The mood was fantastic, everybody was extremely cordial and the panelist all receive a lot of questions from the audience. 

Koishikawa High School summarized the event in link below: