New Princeton Japan ASC outreach in the Kansai region. Osaka US Expo Fair 2019

On September 14, 2019, for the first time, Princeton hosted a booth at the Osaka US Expo Fair Organized by the US Embassy (Education USA). Peter Fincke ’75 and Jay Judge ’83, long time Princeton alumni Kansai area interviewers, hosted the booth which was busy for the whole day. Stanford also hosted a booth, but Princeton was the only Ivy League school at the Osaka fair.  Running outreach events in Osaka is a significant step forward and allows us to connect with many more outstanding students we previously could not reach.  We owe Peter and Jay a huge thank you for leading this effort and expanding our outreach efforts to Western Japan from where we have many strong applicants. Peter and Jay are looking at possibly doing more events in the Osaka area.

ASC Outreach at EducationUSA Expo 2019

Our Japan region alumni schools committee (ASC) outreach team participated in the EducationUSA Expo 2019: U.S. College Fair and Seminars on Saturday, September 7, 2019 at the Ochanomizu Sola City Conference Center in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan.  The annual event was very well attended.

The Princeton Club of Japan outreach team lead by Co-ASC Chair Toshi Baily ’92 with Mayumi Negishi ’94 and Hidekazu Oki ’00 *03 helped interested Japan students better understand Princeton.  Student questions keep getting more sophisticated every year and reflect a better understanding of the challenges and benefits of studying abroad.  The questions fielded were really across the board with many students trying to decide whether they should study abroad or in Japan while others were interested in specific departments at Princeton.  The outreach team stressed that the uniqueness of a Princeton education comes from the close interaction students have with professors despite being at a research university where most of the professors are leaders in their field.  The mandatory Junior Papers and Senior Thesis makes Princeton unique as it gives each student two years to work closely one on one with professors and really challenge their ability to come up with original research.  In a world where more and more is being automated everyday it is more important than ever to have the ability to innovate and come up with your own ideas. Princeton fosters students to prepare for a world where innovation and creativity are becoming ever more important.

Recap: Princeton Mixer with Columbia and Cornell

Lions, Tigers, and Bears oh my!  On August 22, 2019 the Columbia Lions, Princeton Tigers, and Cornell Bears Japan alumni clubs had a friendly after work social mixer at the Peninsula Hotel Tokyo,   It was a fabulous evening with new friendships and alumni club partnerships created.  The Marunouchi, Tokyo night lights added a particular luxurious background setting to a spectacular tri-university event.

2019 Osawa Fellowship Reception Recap

On a clear mid summer evening on July 25, 2019 at the International House of Japan (Roppongi, Tokyo), the Princeton Club of Japan held our Osawa Fellowship Reception 2019.  Our annual gala welcome party this year welcomed Drey Tengan ‘20 as the 2019 Osawa Fellow, as well as celebrating 61 years in Japan for the 121-year-old Princeton in Asia program. The Osawa Fellowship is organized by the Princeton Club of Japan and Princeton in Asia to provide a warm welcome and enriching Japan cultural experience. Osawa Fellows live with Japanese host families and teach English at companies and community groups for a period of six weeks.  About 50 Princetonians representing current students, undergraduate and graduate alumni, Osawa program host families, Princeton-in-Asia, and friends of Princeton enjoyed the vibrant Japan Tiger alumni get together in Tokyo.

Toshi Baily Shares Value of Princeton Education at Koishikawa High School Event

Princeton Club of Japan co-Alumni Schools Committee Chair Walter Toshi Baily gave a talk about overseas U.S. universities last week at Koishikawa High School in Tokyo.  Koishikawa is a strong co-ed public school located in Bunkyo ward Tokyo and Toshi gave the keynote speech on the topic of "Learning How to Think for Yourself through Studying Abroad."  The audience was more than double the size expected with 120 students and parents coming on a Saturday morning.  Toshi talked for about 35 minutes on how Princeton deeply impacted him and taught him to come up with original ideas through its focus on independent research.  Toshi explained how he viewed original thinking as something that can be taught through repeated attempts at independent research and how Princeton's junior paper and senior thesis really changed him and ultimately motivated him to pursue graduate school in economics.  Toshi also participated on a panel discussion with the alumni representative for Columbia University and with two 2019 Koishikawa graduates who are headed to the U.S. for college.  The event lasted about 2 hours. The mood was fantastic, everybody was extremely cordial and the panelist all receive a lot of questions from the audience. 

Koishikawa High School summarized the event in link below:

Masakazu (Max) Tsumuraya *81 Receives Alumni Council Award for Service

Congratulations to Masakazu (Max) Tsumuraya *81 for leading the Princeton Club of Japan for the last 25 years!  Last year Max stepped down from his position and a new group of club leadership has stepped up to fill his huge shoes.  Ganbarimasu!

During 2019 Princeton reunions, Max was awarded the prestigious Alumni Council Award for Service to Princeton.  The award was presented by Alumni Chair, Mrs. Jennifer Daniels ‘93, from the Alumni Council of Princeton University and included the crystal model of a tiger which is an apt award for a model Princeton Tiger!  Three tiger cheers to you Max!

Princeton Club of Japan Kansai Alumni Gathering

On June 1, 2019 in Kyoto, the Princeton Club of Japan Kansai alumni had a social get together.  It was fantastic to see the Osaka and Kyoto alumni enthusiasm and Princeton Tiger spirit!  There was a good mix of undergraduate, graduate, and even a current East Asian Studies Professor who was researching for his field in Kansai.  Maido Okini Tigers!


Princeton Club of Japan Cleans: Taking Ownership to Deliver a Sustainable Environment (Arakawa Riverbank Cleanup)

May 26, 2019


On behalf of the Princeton Club of Japan Organizing Committee, we’d like to thank all the folks who came out on a beautiful Sunday morning to participate in our inaugural #PrincetonCleans community service event. 

As you can see in our group photo, we had a great mix of undergrad and graduate Alums as well as large representation of spouses and offspring. 

Thanks to the meticulous record keeping of the Arakawa Clean Aid support staff, we can report the achievement of 16 bags of burnables, 1 bag of non-burnables, 2 bags of pet bottles, 1 bag of glass, and 2 bags of cans. While we can applaud the effort of this significant amount of trash collected in a bit under an hour, it also serves as a reminder as to why we held this event in the first place- There is a whole lotta garbage out there in need of cleaning.


New admits reception event April 6, 2019 Recap

Thank you Tigers!  You were a big help in meeting the newly admitted Japan students for the class of 2023 and making them feel welcome.  Everyone looked very stylish in Old Nassau orange and black!  It was so fascinating to hear what you are doing in Japan.  Go Tigers!


Hanami Event March 31, 2019 Event Recap

Arigatou gozaimasu to all the Princeton Japan Alumni who came out in huge numbers to attend the Hanami flower viewing event on March 31st! It was such a fabulous afternoon catching up with you and hearing your stories about life in the Big Mikan Tokyo! Here are a few highlights of the picnic with other peer schools.


Princeton Club of Japan Joins Kai Shibuya ’14 for Concert

On February 3rd 2019, Kai Shibuya ’14 performed in Ensemble Franc’s 2019 Winter Concert conducted by Yuri Nitta and featuring oboe soloist Janne Korhonen of the Finnish National Opera Orchestra. Several Princeton Club of Japan members joined in the audience to show support. The concert, programmed to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of diplomatic relations between Finland and Japan, featured pieces from the baroque, Romantic, and 20th century eras. The energetic nature of Tryptique by Yasushi Akutagawa was especially well received by the audience.

Kai joined Ensemble Franc in 2015 after hearing about them from Hidekazu Oki ’00, a long-time supporter of Franc who heard about them from Sydnie Reed ‘07, who used to play violin in the group. Kai and Sydnie have never actually met each other in person, and this unconventional way of joining Ensemble Franc continues to be a point of interest within the group.

Ensemble Franc ( is looking for new members! If there are any Princeton Club of Japan members who are interested in joining Ensemble Franc, please contact Kai at

Maria di Visser (friend of Princeton), Max Yeh '91, Kai Shibuya '14, Ed Rogers '87, Hidekazu Oki '00

Maria di Visser (friend of Princeton), Max Yeh '91, Kai Shibuya '14, Ed Rogers '87, Hidekazu Oki '00

2nd violin section

2nd violin section

Princeton (Japan alumni schools committee) at Kaisei High presentation

Kaisei High School in Tokyo held a session on December 15, 2018 for their students and parent and invited Princeton, Bates, Columbia, Dartmouth, Wesleyan and Yale to talk.  Toshi Walter Baily ’92 presented and lead the effort for Princeton.  The session was well attended with around 100 students and parents.  Toshi’s talk focused on how Princeton is unique among top research universities in extensively focusing significant energy on undergraduate education.  Toshi and other Princeton Club of Japan members hosted a booth session afterwards where they could talk to parents and students one on one.


Photos of event:

Princeton Club of Japan Bonenkai (Japanese end of year social) December 15, 2018 Slainte Ebisu EVENT RECAP

On December 15, 2018, the Princeton Club of Japan hosted another successful gathering of our Japan based alumni.  The event was the club’s annual Japan bonenkai (end of year thanks party) and was held at Slainte Ebisu.  It turned out to be a great night because we were able to attract many first-time alumni and their continued active support is critical for the ongoing success of the club.  Class years 1970 through 2018 were represented with a nice sized crowd filling the room with vibrant conversations about their time at Princeton.  20% of attendees were the age 30 years and younger which was great!

Photos of the event

 The evening was generally spent enjoying good food and free-flowing beverages, socializing and business networking.  Newly appointed Japan club President Ed Rogers ‘87 gave his presentation about the club’s new officer leadership and it’s goals to build a well run organized alumni regional club with high alumni visibility serving the needs and interests of Princeton University alumni based in Japan.  Many events are being planned for 2019 ranging from large group community service projects to small sized discussion groups on Japanese everyday life topics alumni face living in Japan.

Top in US News university rankings, again!

Congratulations to Princeton University for topping the 2019 rankings at US News and World Report! In addition to snagging the top spot among undergraduate programs, Princeton came in at #1 in “Best Value Schools” with particular praise for Princeton’s exceptional no-loan financial aid policy. Brava!

New Princeton Freshman Blog in Japanese

When talking to prospective students in Japan about life at Princeton, it's not easy to recommend relevant, first-person accounts written in Japanese. There just aren't that many of them.

A new Japanese-language blog by nine Princeton freshman, however, offers a great new resource for students who want to learn more about Princeton.

In a post from December 18,  club members describe their basic aim: to raise awareness of Princeton and the Princeton name in Japan.

There's also a Facebook Group for prospective students who want another way to connect.

Be sure to check it out -- and recommend it to anyone who in Japan who wants to know more about Princeton.